Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

Yoga and Ayurveda

The ancient "sister sciences" of Yoga and Ayurveda form the core of Vedic Wisdom and offer a time-tested pathway into true life transformation. Yoga is vastly more than the the postures, or asanas, that are widely thought of as comprising the entirety of practice. Yoga is a transformative science that includes philosophy, lifestyle, meditation, purification practices, breath work, visualization, and mantra. Yoga postures provide us with greater balance, strength, flexibility and - most importantly - inner awareness. 


Ayurveda, which is Sanskrit for Science of Life, is an equally powerful and life-changing practice that guides us into healing and wholeness. Ayurveda is the fountain from which natural medicine and healing arise and provides us with individualized approaches for wellness in both body and mind. In fact, the many aspects of Yoga mentioned above are also tools of Ayurveda. These sciences, therefore, are intertwined and interdependent. 

The Vedas, which is Sanskrit for Wisdom, are a vast body of ancient teachings from what is now called India that predate the written word.


The sister sciences of Yoga (Union) and Ayurveda (Vital Life Wisdom) arise from the Vedas.  

Together they form perhaps the most complete body/mind/spirit science humankind has ever known.


Modern, cutting edge science is only beginning to “discover” what was known to the ancient sages for millennia: Achieving unification of body, mind and spirit provides us with healing, wholeness and self-empowerment. 

The Vedas

Deep Yoga is a teaching style developed by Founders Laura Plumb & Bhava Ram. The essence of this practice arises from the most ancient and sacred texts of Yoga, from the Vedas to the Upanishads, Bhagavad-Gita and Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. In Deep Yoga, we seek to directly apply this wisdom to all aspects of life experience on the mat and off the mat. Thus, all "yoga practice" is a pathway towards personal development, self-empowerment and manifestation of our fullest potential.


Deep Yoga has developed a unique approach to Asana Practice that offers a passageway into healing, self-awareness, higher consciousness and liberation. Vedic wisdom informs the imagery, mantra and meditation that are applied in practice. Ayurveda, the holistic sister science of Yoga, is infused into the experience for balance, harmony, purification and energetic alignment. Exercise haps during practice, yet practice is not exercise.


Deep Yoga